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TK Total 1+ Gold  Outdoor Stick

Shape: Gravitate | XX Late Bow

The all new Gravitate shape gives a whole new meaning to “Late Bow”. With the 25mm Bow being placed even further down the stick, closer to the hook, it provides unique handling possibilities with the stick, while also being perfectly suited for drag flicking and aerial passing. The narrow desgin of the stick supports a very fast and agile style of play.

Technology: Ballistix | Traction Control | Integrated Dampening System 

Ballistix is a high performance triaxal weave resulting in a significant increase in torsional rigidity to offer maximum power output and ultralight weight. Traction Control is our new anti-slip material that offers supreme touch and feel on the stick. Integrated Dampening System includes piezoelectric fibres, that convert kinetic energy into heat energy helping dissipate ball play vibrations.


Lenghts: 36.5″ 37.5″

Weight: ca. 510g

Material: 100% Carbon

Color: Black – Gold