Our Story

Revamp Sports is founded and run by us, Jonathan Roberts and Micah Teixeira. Who are we? Well we're a couple a guys who grew up playing hockey from a young age, not too different from a lot of you. We've been super involved in the community starting in clubs, moving onto provincials and eventually being selected athletes of the Canadian Men's Indoor Hockey team and paJonathan Roberts 2015 Leizpig Indoor World Cup  | Photo by Blair Shierst National team outdoor athletes.

Jono is actually a 3 time gold medalist from the Indoor Pan American Cups and has played in 3 Indoor World Cups. I have 2 Indoor Pan American Cups golds, and 2 Indoor World Cups to my name, but who's counting anyways right? Now you know who does the website work (the partner who actually knows how to use a computer...hoping Jono will never read this haha)

Onto Revamp. It's purpose from the beginning wasn't only to provide sweet equipment for the athletes, but also to promote the sport which we love way too much. As players, we get the unique wants of athletes; and trust us, they can be 'unique'.

On a serious note, as we grow, it's really important to us to stick to our core values and business practices on which the company was started. Integrity, honesty, and fair trade manufacturing are just a few of ideals we strive to always maintain with both our customers and suppliers around the world. We've only made it this far because of you, and the reason we've had such great support is because of what we stand for. Giving back to the community which has provided us with so much, is a focus we will never overlook through our BeyondtheStick & Ambassadors programs. In no less of a spotlight, The Earth Initiative is how to ensure we are taking care of the planet we live on, in order to combat most pressing environmental issues in today's world.

Micah Teixeira 2015 Leipzig Indoor World Cup | Photo By Blair ShierThese days you can usually find us out and about at the numerous hockey happenings around town, or even out of town. We'll be there goofing about or showing the latest cool gear we have. Usually in that order, often both at the same time. Hey we're pretty easy going and laid back, love what we do, so why would we not have fun doing it! Hit us up whenever for whatever, no worries!